Seabridge Park, Huntington Beach

Are you ready for the summer? Ready or not, it’ll be here in no time, and if you’re like me, you’re probably trying to find some fun local places to take your kids. I discovered a really nice beach park last year and think it’s an ideal location if you have kids who might not be the strongest swimmers. Seabridge Park is located in Huntington Harbor at 16252 Countess Drive. The park has a protected beach which overlooks some beautiful homes that I can only dream of living in. Because of its location, there aren’t any waves except for a few occasional ones when a boat or yacht drift by. There are plenty of trees to offer some shade. The park even has a playground with sand pits and also includes lush, green lawns, picnic tables, wooden plank boardwalks and a restroom facility with an outdoor shower for rinsing off the salt water. There is a parking lot right in front with free parking. It gets pretty packed on the weekends, but if you can make it out during the week, it’s really wonderful.





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