Hudson Sample Sale

Since I’ve become a stay at home mom, my one wardrobe staple are my jeans.  I always balked at the idea of paying hundred’s of dollars for those “premium” brands, but boy, once I tried them, I was hooked!  Still, I’m not shelling out all that money for jeans.  Well, here’s the best of both worlds–buy premium jeans at their sample sale!  I love me some Hudson jeans.  They are super comfortable with a great fit but they usually retail for $200!  At the last sale I went to, the seconds were $40 and regular production was $60.  By seconds, it means there are slight imperfections and/or irregularities.  I picked up 3 pairs of seconds for the price of one at full price and I love them.  I never noticed the difference.  You do have to know your size and fit though because you cannot try anything on so stop by Nordstrom and try on a couple of pairs before you go.


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