Glade home fragrance deal

Have I told you all about BzzAgent?  It’s  a social marketing company I joined and they send me samples of products to try, which I tell people about if I like them or don’t.  The latest product I am trying out is the Glade Expressions collection.  So far I’ve only been able to try the mister because the I haven’t been able to get my hands on the oil diffuser I want.  I must admit that I really like it.  The other day when I was cooking and our small house was filled with the smell of grease.  I was able to walk through each room and spray a little air freshener and voila!  Grease smell gone and fresh cotton breeze lingered.  But here’s the best part–right now, Target is giving away a free refill when you buy the starter kit.  Even better, you can go to their website and print a $1 off Glade air care item and stack it with the manufacture’s coupon (link below) making them free or $0.99!  You’ll be saving between $5-$10 to have your house smell all pretty.  Woohoo!

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