To Shop or Not to Shop?

Oh no! What’s wrong you say? It’s time again for the Splendid/Ella Moss warehouse sale and I have to agonize over whether to go shopping or not.  On top of that, they are extending it for a day!  If you’re unfamiliar with these brands, Splendid and Ella Moss can be described as upscale contemporary sportswear. Everything is very casual but the fabrics are super duper soft and luxurious.  Average retail for a top is about $60 & up at a department store but at the sale, it’s $20. This is how some of the items were priced at the last sale in June.  It was a mad house and the line to pay by credit card was about an hour long but I think it was worth it because I’m worth it. (ha…I couldn’t resist)

Splendid: tops $20, dresses $35
Ella Moss: tops $25, dresses $40
Splendid/Ella Moss kids: leggings $5, everything else $15

If you want to alleviate some guilt for shopping, buy something for your kids. They have kids and men’s clothing as well. There are no dressing rooms so plan on pulling stuff over what you’re wearing. Parking is $10 in the building or there is meter parking, which is $4 an hour.


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