David Kwon Music Studio

Did you take music lessons when you were a kid? Unlike my kids, I only had two extracurricular activities growing up and I was not given an option–Chinese school and piano lessons. Maybe I was a little traumatized because I have not pushed my kids into activities where they haven’t expressed an interest. Finally, this year my kids asked if they could learn to play the piano and I was lucky enough to meet David.

David is the choir instructor at Santa Fe High School. Lucky for me, he also offers private voice and piano lessons. Even though he looks like he could be one of the students at SFHS, he has been teaching for almost 20 years . My kids have been taking lessons for just over a month now and they are thriving. At our very first lesson, David took the time to get to know my kids and make them feel comfortable with him. He has tailored his lesson plan to each child’s abilities and my kids actually look forward to going to their lessons and even to practice. In fact, practicing with my children has rekindled my own interest in the piano. If you’re interested in voice or music lessons for your child(ren), contact David at davidkwonmusic@gmail.com or (509) 280-4442. Please let him know Florence referred you. Also, in case you’re wondering, I am not being compensated for this post–I just think he’s a wonderful teacher.

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